His banner over me is love

All artist's banners are watercolor monotype prints, one-pull-one-of-a-kind. just like you! The entire Bible is a love story. The Song of Solomon presents the most intimate telling and that is where the inspiration for my artist's banners came. My banners depict the turmoil of this life and the beautiful reassurance given to all, accepted in the bethrothal agreement between bride and The Bridegroom . Tattered and torn, but Jesus sees only the most beautiful -you. If you find one you like, check out the size of it and determine how you will enjoy it in your life. It can either hang on a wall in your home, set on a desk in your office, or be secured in a journal, book, purse, wallet or maybe even under the sole of your shoe. It will be a reminder to you. To frame, you can apply the measurements I have provided with each banner to the Frame It Easy order form on their website, https://www.frameiteasy.com/, select your frame and they do a marvelous job at creating a custom, affordable frame for you.

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