Return to your childlike movements

Renew your childlike ways

Movement Integration Lifestyle Experientials

Discover connection to God through movement

Move the way you are designed to move

Sharpen your mind

Strengthen and lengthen parts you didn't even know you had

Be readied for any action

Gain more range of motion than you ever thought possible

Coordinate your nervous system and reflexive reactions for great natural posture

Experientials are time spent with Stacy Beazer-Rogers, artisit/physical therapist to experience a Movement Integration Lifestyle

Whether you are in the best shape of your life or the worst shape of your life or anywhere in between, you can benefit from youthful movement throughout your lifetime. Because every life has vitality and value, Stacy Beazer-Rogers teaches the foundation of youth is found through our movement design.

You should have movement integration in your lifestyle if...

Your agility and mobility are surprisingly difficult to maintain

You fear not being physically able to do what you need to do and enjoy what you want to do

You are losing your youthful movements

You realize modern technological conveniences make you sedentary

You don’t know how the expanse of your life and influence depends on your movement design

You find the bombardment of ever changing health and fitness information to be overwhelming, to say the least

Plan a Movement integration lifestyle experiential

...and have your socks blown off!

Only $10 for a 45 minute Experiential. Only $20 for an hour and a half Experiential

Days and Times

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday throughout the day and evening. Friday mornings. Directly contact me to schedule a time that works for you.


Owyhee Girl Studio is my home studio. It is nicely located behind Cabela's in Idaho Falls, Idaho. Directly contact me for address and details.