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An artist and physical therapist, but a girl in the Owyhee Girl Studio. Come experience a return to your childlike movements and renew your childlike ways. Join me for Movement Integration Lifestyle Experientials.

You should have movement integration in your lifestyle if...

Your agility and mobility are surprisingly difficult to maintain

You fear not being physically able to do what you need to do and enjoy what you want to do

You are losing your youthful movements

You realize modern technological conveniences make you sedentary

You don’t know how the expanse of your life and influence depends on your movement design

You find the bombardment of ever changing health and fitness information to be overwhelming to say the least

Through my art, I work through the depths of movement
- Stacy Beazer-Rogers artist/physical therapist

His Banner Over Me is Love - from The Song of Solomon - Artist’s Banners

The passion of the Christ is for you. Tattered and torn, but Jesus sees only the most beautiful. You. Exchange His passionate love. There is a banqueting table prepared in heaven for the time that Christ's bride returns. And there is a banner of love there for those who call out the name of Jesus and follow Him. Reassurance. I have created banners to remind you. These banners are in all states of beauty and turmoil. May they be a reminder to you that one day we'll be sitting, raising a glass, toasting. Thankful are all who call out His name.

His banner over me is love
His banner over me is love
His banner over me is love
His banner over me is love